body, said to be that of Morgan, was found beneath Fort Niagara.

the country as prisoners of struggle. Washington had left Colonel Wayne, with a detachment

appointed Oliver Ellsworth, chief-justice of the United States,

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occurred there which tremendously irritated the Carolinians and threw

an virtually insuperable barrier. Schuyler, in whom, nevertheless, Washington

their banners the friends and enemies of the new National Constitution,

A popular historical past of america of america: from cheekd the discovery of the american continent to the present time.

position of hostility to the mother-country. The congress of Massachusetts

Chapter i. commencement of the great wars.


long events justified him earlier than the world. The successes of Burgoyne came, says Hildreth, like a thunderclap on

deadly hearth assailed them that their ranks had been mown down, the

Chapter iii. causes of the revolutionary warfare.

backwoods-life. On the southern banks of the Elkhorn stood

George III.,” continued the corrected orator, “might profit by