how to create a sales invoice in excel

A template is very resourceful not only for the supplier but for the buyer too. For example, a supplier company can use this template for billing its clients. This invoice will be documentary proof against the exchange of products for availing of the warranty, returning the products, claiming refunds, and so on. The customer can also use it to avail of the warranty from the supplier or exchange the products he purchased from the latter.

In the section where you’ll find the templates, you’ll be provided with different types of templates. Ensure that you find the best template suitable for the kind of task you’re carrying out. Your final choice should be one that will reflect all your billing information and job details. Also, save as a PDF document when you want to send the invoices to the customers so that they cannot be edited by another person.

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Invoices are legal documents that create a binding agreement between buyers and sellers, obligating purchasers to pay for the service rendered or sales transactions. We hope that, after reading this guide, you’ll no longer wonder, “how can I make an invoice in Excel? ” Use sales invoice our ready-made templates to give your orderers perfectly structured and professional papers. Additionally, we advise using a free invoice template PDF for small business owners. Save the finished document in .xls format if you still plan to revise it and make changes.

how to create a sales invoice in excel

Also, make sure the design of your favorite invoice template will work with your business branding. Very simple sales invoice template featuring company info, shipping and billing info, payment conditions and remittance slip. Very simple Microsoft Word template with standard fields.

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You only need the Excel app, which is included with Microsoft Office, or can be used for free online. Browser-based tools like this, along with powerful mobile apps, make Excel incredibly accessible. The power of Excel lies in the ability to use formulas. This helps you automatically find the total amount due, including taxes, fees, and more. Let’s learn how to create an invoice in Excel in this tutorial.

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  • When you’ve filled out all the project specifics on your invoice, save the spreadsheet to your computer in both .xlxs and PDF format.
  • If there is a list of products, you will want to provide a brief description along with the unit price and the quantities provided.
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