Sometimes it’s easier to know the right thing to do than it is to do it. Thinking about it ahead of time helps you be ready to do what’s right. And when you do what’s right, you might set a good example for your peers. It’s OK to like what your friends and classmates like, or do what they do, as long as it feels right for you, too. But the best thing of all is to be yourself — even if it means being different from your peers. If you are going somewhere new with new people, make sure someone you trust has your location and can pick you up if you need.

It’s a combination that lets them resist succumbing to peer pressure and have the strength to walk away. They will know that even if they “fail” among their peers, they will succeed in the long run. The desire to fit in and feel like you are part of a group is normal, and most people feel this way sometimes, especially in the teen and young adult years. Peer pressure, that feeling that you have to do something to fit in, be accepted, or be respected, can be tough to deal with.

Get support from a trusted adult.

Here are some small steps you can take to keep on top of our mental wellbeing and cope during times of uncertainty. Try to be responsible for your own behaviour – If it doesn’t feel right to you then make a decision not to get involved, find an excuse to get out of the way. Be mindful of name calling, “coward”, “chicken” for example to make you carry out the negative action. There are different ways to say no, for example “Not this time”, “that’s not for me” or “I will give that a miss thanks”.

how to deal with peer pressure

It’s ok to give excuses to avoid making decisions that you may feel are not right for you. We tend to label peer pressure as something that gets kids into trouble or situations they shouldn’t be in. But some peer pressure can be helpful, such as the kind that comes from being around motivated students. That’s the kind of pressure that can result in better grades. Also, competitive pressure from athletics can improve performance.

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Seek out friends and acquaintances who support you and encourage you to be your best self. Positive influences can help you resist negative peer pressure and stay true to yourself. It’s natural for people to identify with or compare themselves to their peers.

With indirect peer pressure, no one is singling you out, but the environment you’re in may influence you to do something. If you’re at a party where everyone is drinking, for instance, you might feel pressured to drink even if no one asks you to. As the name suggests, spoken peer pressure is when someone verbally influences another person to do something. For instance, a teenager might influence their friend to smoke a cigarette by saying, “Come on, one cigarette won’t hurt.”

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While there are both positive and negative qualities of peer pressure, it’s essential to know how to handle social stress. Below find tips on how to deal with peer pressure and avoid making tough decisions that may trigger adverse outcomes. They can encourage each other to skip classes, steal, cheat, use drugs or alcohol, share inappropriate material online, or become involve in other risky behaviors. The majority of teens with substance abuse problems began using drugs or alcohol as a result of peer pressure. Facing peer pressure is a good time for teens to learn how to have firm boundaries. However, they will tend to learn firm boundaries from their parents.

  • This is applicable, especially when learning how to deal with peer pressure.
  • Furthermore, it might be more meaningful for an adolescent to travel after high school rather than head straight to college.
  • Knowing the facts can help you to resist pressures based on the idea that “everyone is doing it” and that you must party to fit in.

Creating a group that you can turn to can make a world of difference when dealing with peer pressure. Peer pressure can be both subtle and overt and manifest in various ways. For example, teenagers may feel pressured to try drugs or alcohol, engage in sexual activity, or skip school to fit in with their peers. Adults may feel pressured to conform to certain social norms, such as participating in gossip or engaging in unhealthy behaviors like overeating or smoking. It doesn’t take long for children to learn that life is full of choices. By the time our children hit adolescence, they know making choices can bring a certain amount of pressure and stress.

They can help each other develop new skills, or stimulate interest in books, music or extracurricular activities. These can influence the way we engage with people in our lives. direct peer pressure Dealing with peer pressure can be difficult, but below are some ways to help address it. Teens who volunteer in their community can keep each other motivated to participate.

  • Atlas Bio Med notes that these hormones can help alleviate anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions when produced naturally without alcohol or drugs.
  • Having a trusted friend, family member, or another resource to call on can alleviate some of the everyday life stresses.
  • The first step in avoiding peer pressure is to define your values and beliefs.
  • If they are being pressured by friends to smoke cigarettes they might say, “No thanks.
  • Finally, peer pressure can be described as either positive or negative.
  • Why endangering yourself by keeping those friends who cause you to doubt your integrity and forces you to comprise your values and standards.

You must also help them understand that there are times when it’s all right for them to say no. Taking illegal drugs, or driving with someone who has been drinking, are examples of times in which safety demands they say no. If they are being pressured by friends to smoke cigarettes they might say, “No thanks. I feel sick from even just being around smoke.” Although we want our children to be polite, it is also vitally important, particularly for our girls, to know that a firm “No!

Parental Influence vs. Peer Pressure

It is more important that you know what you believe in for yourself and not change it for the approval of others. Here we discuss a few ways to handle peer pressure in the workplace. These peer pressure social skills resources were authored by Watson Institute’s special education consultant, Andee Morris, M.Ed. The studies used for this systematic review primarily captivated the negative aspects of alcohol use and sought to either diminish or inhibit adolescent alcohol use.

how to deal with peer pressure

You can locate details of the Extern’s mental health services which may be near you here. Make an excuse to leave – for example “I have to go home”. You will be in control of your behaviour and not engage in unhelpful actions. Peer pressure entirely disappears in adulthood because adults are mature people.

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